2015 Award Recipients

Bianca Morris ’17 has won the First Year Award for her WRIT 163 paper, “The Common Core: A Solution or a Burden for Disadvantaged Students?” Supporting faculty: Ann Velenchik  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Leah Nugent ’16 has won the 100/200-level award for her ES 299 paper, ”Cleaning Up and Painting Up: A Cultural and Environmental History of Paintshop Pond” Supporting faculty: Jay Turner [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Carrington OBrion ’15 has won the 300-level award for her HIST 312 paper, "'The Fourth of July is Ours': The Transformation of Independence Day in the Civil War South." Supporting faculty: Ryan Quintana [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Idalmis Vaquero ’16 has won the Independent Study Award for her AFR 350 paper, "Fighting for Environmental Health and Justice: A Case Study of Exide Technologies in Southeast Los Angeles, California.” Supporting faculty: Filomina Steady [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

AnnaJoy Gillis ’15 received an honorable mention for her POL2 336 paper, ”When Support for Pinochet Has Not 'Desaparecido'.” Supporting faculty: Michal Ben Josef Hirsch [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

2014 Award Recipients

Kendrick Smaellie ’14 has won the 300-level award for her ENG 325 paper, "Dressed to the Nines: Queen Elizabeth I and the Power of Her Clothing.” Supporting faculty: Sarah Wall-Randell 

Anita Li ’15 has won the 100/200-level award for her MUS 225 paper, ”Yellow Music: A Transcultural Musical Genre’s Role in Heterogeneous Community Unification.” Supporting faculty: Tamar Barzel

Adjoa Kudoadzi ’16 has won the First Year Award for her AFR 252 paper, “Wife Seclusion in Niger in the 20th century: finding the crossroads between tradition and women’s agency.” Supporting faculty: Donna Patterson

Chelsey Baturin ’14 has won the Independent Study Award for her FREN 350 paper, "La terre, facteur déterminant du pouvoir au Cameroun et le rôle de la Mutuelle d’Epargne et du crédit pour la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat féminin (MUDEF) dans son obtention par la femme.” Supporting faculty: Anjali Prabhu

Haley Ling ’14 received an honorable mention for her HIST 302 paper, ”Crime and Punishment: Legacies of Nuremberg and the War Crimes Trials in Postwar Germany.” Supporting faculty: Nina Tumarkin 

2013 Award Recipients

Sarah Trager ’13 has won the 300-level award for her HIST 302 paper, “Shaping Memory with Monuments: Diverging Representations of Holocaust Commemoration.” Supporting faculty: Nina Tumarkin  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Kalina Yingnan Deng ’14 has won the 100/200-level award for her WRIT 290 paper, "Fundamentally Moral: A Philosophical Defense of Judge W. Arthur Garrity, Jr. and Morgan v. Hennigan.” Supporting faculty: Lynne Viti  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Shweta Patwardhan ’16 has won the First Year Award for her WRIT 143 paper, “Individual and the Family in Athenian Society.” Supporting faculty: Raymond Starr  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Laurence Toal ’14 has won the inaugural Independent Study Award for her POL 350 paper, “Their Soviet Elder Brothers: The Soviet Union’s Hand in Shaping Reunification Policy for East Germany and North Korea.” Supporting faculty: Katharine Moon  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

Aryanne de Silva ’13 and Karina Chung ’13 received an honorable mention for their PSYC 350 paper, “Effects of a Pretend Play Intervention on Executive Functioning Tasks.” Supporting faculty: Tracy Gleason  [full text in Wellesley College Institutional Repository]

2012 Award Recipients

Claire McRee '12 has won the 300-level award for her ARTH 350 paper, "Mobilizing Fashion: Nationalism and Utopia in George Barbier's Falbalas et Fanfreluches." Supporting faculty: Patricia Berman

Rebecca Rubinstein '15 has won the 100/200-level award for her SPAN 242 paper, "La guerra del tiempo: Una historia del carpe diem en la literatura hispánica." Supporting faculty: Elena Gascón-Vera

Bianca Lin '15 has won the First Year Award for her WRIT 125 paper, "Shakespeare's Legacy: The Impact of Hamlet on Eugène Delacroix's Life and Work." Supporting faculty: William Cain.

Rachel Shuen '12 received an honorable mention for her HIST 312 paper, "San Francisco Chinatown's Path of Resistance: Challenging Health Measures in Federal Court During the Plague Outbreak of 1900." Supporting faculty: Ryan Quintana

2011 Award Recipients

Katie Sheahon '11 has won the 300 level award for her FREN 349 paper, "La prostituée et la belle époque: comment les images de la prostituée soulignent les peurs de la dégénérescence de la société française au dix-neuvième siècle."Supporting faculty: Venita Datta

Caitlin Toole '11 has won the 100/200 level award for her WRIT 290 paper, "Fatally Faithful: The Implications & Consequences of Dennis & Lorie Nixon’s Conviction in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Nixon." Supporting faculty: Lynne Viti

Mika Asaba '13 and Karen Su '13have won the First Year Award for their CS 114 paper, "The Democratization of Visual Art on the Web." Supporting faculty: Panagiotis Metaxas 

Laura Marrin '11 received an Honorable Mention for her POLS 350 paper, "Shaping U.S. Public Opinion on Armed Humanitarian Intervention Policies: A Case Study of President Clinton's Framing of the Rwandan and Bosnian Genocides."Supporting faculty: Stacie Goddard

2010 Award Recipients

Lillian Wies '10 has won the 300 level award for her ARTH 341 paper: "The Political Narrative as Expressed through Northern Song Landscape Painting: An introduction to the topic by examining Guo Xi's Early Spring and Old Trees, Level Distance." Supporting faculty: Heping Liu

Joanna Concessao '13 has won the 100/200 level award for her POL1 200 paper: "The Government-Backed Bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler: A Case of Trusteeship Democracy in Action." Supporting faculty: Tom Burke

Rachel Doyle '13 has won the new First Year Award for her PSYC 101 paper: The Evaluation of Contradictory Studies and Concepts Regarding Sleep-Talking."Supporting faculty: Linda Carli

2009 Award Recipients

100/200 level: Ran Tao '09 EXTD 240 : "Jacobus Publicius's Artes Orandi, Epistolandi. Memorandi: A Bibliographic Analysis"

300 level: Maria Lisiakova '10 POL3 379 paper: "A Triumph of Doctrine: the Story of the Brusilov Offensive"