Get Articles

Requesting Articles

  • Check the Wellesley Catalog for journal title before submitting a request.

  • Use Article Locator if you have a citation in hand from a bibliography or reading list. Article Locator will help you to find online full-text or to pass the search into a InterLibrary Loan request form.

  • When you're searching in an A-Z database you can just click on find it at wellesley button to request through ILL.

  • ILL Article Form allows you to fill in a blank form when you know exactly what you need and let the ILL staff process it by the quickest method.

Receiving Article Documents:

  • The default method of receiving copies is by electronic delivery. When the document is available you will be sent an email with viewing information.

  • Documents will be available for 30 days from date of email notification

  • Documents will be in PDF format and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please contact the ILL office with feedback or problems with viewing documents.

  • By using this service you are agreeing to uphold the copyright restrictions applicable to all library materials.