Chromebooks/ChromeBoxes + Microsoft Office?

  • We loan Chromebooks and Mac/PC laptops, but long-term loans are on Chromebooks only due to cost/maintenance. Mac/PC laptops are lent to students who need specific software that will not run on a Chromebook. We are currently circulating about 65 Chromebooks.
  • As far as Chromeboxes, Knapp and the Science Library classroom have Macs and PCs as well. We do not have Chromeboxes in PNE, or JAC libraries.
  • For questions about using using Chromebooks or ChromeBoxes, visit the library service desks -- we are happy to help you do what you need to do. If you prefer to work in Microsoft Office, we are happy to help you set up your Office 365 account. (Instructions are also posted next to the ChromeBoxes in Clapp and SCI.) Once you set these up, they appear on every ChromeBox you log into
  • A reminder that you can print from your own computer or iOS device and the job will be saved for 12 hours in the queue.