Windows 10

We in LTS are testing to ensure a smooth transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for college-owned computers in future.

Software Installers & Documentation

    The license key icon, key icon, indicates software that is only accessible while on campus or connected to the SSL VPN.

    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe Captivate Key Access Required (requests to install on college-owned computers: send to LTSsoftware at wellesley dot edu)
    Adobe Flash Player (get the latest from Adobe's web site)
    Adobe Reader (get the latest from Adobe's web site)
    ATLAS.ti (email LTSsoftware for details)
    Code42 (was CrashPlan) - request via the Help Desk
    FileMaker Pro
    Final Draft  
    Foreign Language Keyboards
    JMP 13 (2018-2019) Key Access Required 
    KeyAccess Key Access Required 
    Kurzweil Key Access Required (contact Jim Wice in Accessibility and Disability Resources)
    Labview by National Instruments Key Access Required (can only be installed on college-owned computers; email LTSsoftware)
    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint):
    • Office 365 for personally-owned computers
    • Office 2010 or 2016 (installed on college-owned PCs by LTS)
    R Statistics
    Sibelius 8 Key Access Required
    Simapro 8 Key Access Required (email LTSsoftware)
    Solidworks 2017 (new August 2017) or old Solidworks 2014 Key Access Required 
    SPSS 25SPSS 22 Key Access Required (includes v.23)
    Stata IC 14 Key Access Required (SE available upon request to LTSsoftware)
    Stella  Key Access Required (coming soon)
    Zotero Plugin for Firefox - Click to download and install

    General Topics

    Microsoft Windows 7 / Office


    Creating CDs or DVDs:

    File Sharing:

    Screen Sharing



    Computer Security:

    The license key icon,  key icon ,  indicates software that is only accessible and can only be installed while on campus or connected to the SSL VPN.