Knapp Media and Technology Center

Knapp Equipment Desk — Summer

Knapp Equipment Desk is open by appointment only from May 17th - September 6th, 2022.

We cannot guarantee staff availability unless an appointment is made in advance.

Image of the Knapp Digital Media Lab from the back looking towards the Knapp Equipment Desk

Knapp Media and Technology Center

Located on the first floor of Clapp Library, the Knapp Media and Technology Center was founded by Betsy Knapp ‘64 as a place to explore, discover, and collaborate using different types of media and expression.
Today the Knapp Center is the center of multimedia production on campus. Knapp is open to all students, regardless of coursework or department, although some equipment requires special training before use. Members of the community are able to log into any computer using their Wellesley credentials, allowing greater accessibility of tools available to students, regardless of what operating system their personal computers may have.

Knapp is home to:

  • A Digital Media Lab with professional, creative software and high-processing computers.

  • A Fabrication Lab with 3D printers, a sewing machine, VR headsets, and more.

  • The Knapp Equipment Desk, where students, faculty, and staff can check out equipment for multimedia production.

Need help?

Production Consultants staff the Knapp Media and Technology Center during the evenings and can help with multidisciplinary multimedia projects, whether for a class, club, or hobby.

NEW: Like your professor's office hours, you can either make an appointment in advance, or just drop by during their shifts!

Click on a Consultant's name to find a list of software or hardware they specialize in.
You may need to scroll down within the calendar window to view shifts hours.

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Other Knapp Resources

Audio & Video Digitization / Duplication

Please note that self-service audio and video digitization will be temporarily unavailable on newly installed Knapp Mac computers. If you need to digitize audio or video, please contact and we can setup a temporary digitization station for you.

Knapp offers self-service tools for analog-to-digital conversion, digitization, or duplication. Region-free DVD players can be found at stations 33, 34, and 35. VHS players can be found at stations 40, 41, and 42.

Find documentation on audio conversion (LPs / vinyl records to CDs, etc.) here.

Find documentation on video digitization (VHS to DVD, DVD to .mp4, etc.) here.

Please abide by all copyright laws when using Knapp equipment.

If you are looking for full-service digitization, local companies like Everpresent have been well-reviewed by Wellesley staff.


The Knapp Center has three Epson V600 and one Epson V750 scanner at stations 36, 37, 38, and 39. Find instructions on how to use scanners in Knapp Center Documentation G-Drive.

The Epson V750 scanner supports self-service film negative scanning. Film guides for 35mm or 6 x 9 negatives are available behind the Knapp counter in cabinet labeled "Film Guide Inserts."

If you are looking for full-service slide scanning, local companies like Everpresent have been well-reviewed by Wellesley staff.


Other scanners on campus:

  • MFD across from Clapp 131, down the hall from Knapp
  • PNE Social Science Lab
  • Music Library

Wellesley has a ScanPro 3000 microform reader/printer/scanner. Directions on how to use the scanner's functionalities are posted next to the computer and scanner, or online here.

The microfilm reader is located behind the Knapp Center on the first floor of the library. Find a map here.