Academic Fabrication and Digital Design


Personal use of 3D printers, the sewing machine, and some other Knapp tools is temporarily unsupported. For academic use requests or other questions, please contact

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Knapp Media and Technology Center

The Academic Fabrication and Digital Design (AFADD) team is located in Knapp, on the first floor of the Clapp Library. The AFADD team primarily helps students, staff, and faculty with both personal and academic projects that utlize VR (virtual reality), 3D modeling/printing, sewing, and digital media (post-)production.

Many of Wellesley College's departments, ranging from Classical Civilization to Computer Science, utilize making and fabrication workflows, tools and methodologies. These projects have been integrated into coursework in order to provide unique learning opportunities. Other projects are using digital fabrication to enhance existing research initiatives, as well as discover new methods for conducting research across many disciplines at Wellesley College.

Supervised by Knapp staff members, Knapp Interns design workshops for the campus community, Production Consultants host office hours to answer patron questions, and Circulating Equipment Assistants check equipment in and out to patrons during equipment desk hours.

Need help with Knapp software or equipment?

Sundays through Thursday evenings, Knapp Production Consultants can answer questions about Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more! Find their full schedule below.

Click on each Consultant's name to find a list of Knapp-supported software or hardware they each have experience with!


About the Production Consultants

Knapp Production Consultants support patrons looking to learn more about the digital production tools offered within Knapp. The position is open to all students, regardless of year or academic focus, so long as they have a demonstrated interest in digital production and an eagerness to share that passion with their peers. Consultants work in 1- to 3-hour shifts from Sunday through Thursday evenings, a schedule arranged to effectively support Wellesley students during prime study hours. Each Production Consultant is expected to have a basic understanding of popular creative software, but they are not required to be experts in everything; instead, we emphasize the importance of instilling the confidence to try, fail, and try again with Knapp patrons.

Interested in working at Knapp? Email for more information on how to apply!

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