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The Academic Fabrication and Digital Design (AFADD) team, located at the Knapp Center, primarily helps students, staff, and faculty with both personal and academic projects that range from Virtual Reality to 3D Modeling/Printing, from Sewing to Media Production, as well as hosting workshops for members of the Wellesley Community to learn more about using these technologies.


The AFADD team is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and is happy to assist you with any fabrication or digital design projects you are working on, as well as to answer any questions you may have. You can click on their individual profiles to learn more about their subject expertise and locate contact information.

Allegra Dufresne

Allegra Dufresne
Instructional Technology Specialist

Student Workers

Interested in working at Knapp? Find available positions via Workday or email wellesleymakers@wellesley.edu to inquire about future openings.



Knapp Interns

Knapp Interns typically have an advanced skill set in some of the Knapp software or hardware, (typically) in a specific area of interest (e.g. 3D modeling, photography, etc.). Interns are sometimes assigned specific projects, such as supporting a professor with a unique media creation. When not assigned a project, Knapp Interns are expected to facilitate one Knapp workshop per semester and develop long-term/in-depth multimedia projects that benefit the Wellesley community in some way.

Interns generally create their own schedules, and fellow students can drop in and receive one-on-one support on specialized software or project knowledge.

Find more information about the history of the Knapp Intern program here.

Knapp Production Consultants

The Knapp Production Consultant position is meant for students who have an intermediate familiarity with some of the Knapp software or hardware. Production Consultants are responsible for providing multimedia support in the Knapp Center on schoolnight evenings. When not busy with peer instruction, Consultants work on multimedia projects of their choosing with the intention of advancing their skillset and exploring new digital media or fabrication tools.


The position is open to all students, regardless of year or academic focus, so long as they have a demonstrated interest in digital production and an eagerness to share that passion with their peers.

Knapp Circulating Equipment Assistant

Knapp Circulating Equipment Assistants generally have limited experience with multimedia production, but are interested in learning more. EQ Desk students are formally trained on our circulation software, equipment check-out/check-in procedures, and will learn helpful use-case information about the equipment we circulate (when to use DSLRs vs. video cameras, etc.).

EQ Desk workers are encouraged (but not required) to advance their multimedia or maker skills while staffing the Knapp Equipment Desk. Those who choose to participate are considered for promotion within Knapp.