Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 Computer

How to Use Internet Explorer 11
with Banner ERP on a Windows 10 Computer


1)  Open Internet Explorer (IE) by clicking on the “Start” icon () and typing “internet explorer” into the search box.

2)  If you see "Several add-ons are ready for use", click on "Don't enable".

3)  If you see "Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons", click on "Ask me later".

4)  If you see “The Java(™) Plug-In SSV helper” as a popup message at the bottom of the page, click on “Enable”.

5)  Using the screenshot below as a guide, pin Internet Explorer to your taskbar:


6)  Log into the MyWellesley portal, then open Banner ERP.  Click through the usual Java-related warning messages.  You should now be able to log into Banner ERP.  Please call the Help Desk at x3333 if you have any questions.