Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 Computer

How to Use Internet Explorer 11
with Banner ERP on a Windows 10 Computer


1)  Open Internet Explorer (IE) by clicking on the “Start” icon (Start icon) and typing “internet explorer” into the search box.

2)  If you see a window that says, "Set up Internet Explorer 11", click on "Use recommended security and compatibility settings", then click on "OK".

3)  If you see "Several add-ons are ready for use", click on "Choose add-ons".

4)  Click on "Enable" to enable the Java(tm) Plug-in SSV Helper, then click "Done".

5)  Using the screenshot below as a guide, pin Internet Explorer to your taskbar:
screenshot of menu selecting Internet Explorer then Pin to Taskbar  

6)  Go to step 6 in this link in order to configure Internet Explorer (add Banner ERP, NolijWeb, etc., as trusted sites).  (Disregard the first step, since you've already pinned Internet Explorer to your taskbar.)

7)  Type "Configure Java" into the search box in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop.

8)  Go to step 4 in this link in order to configure the Java Control Panel.

9)  Go to step 7 in this link in order to configure Banner ERP.

10) Log into the MyWellesley portal, then open Banner ERP.  Click through the usual Java-related warning messages, which are listed in step 7 of this link.  You should now be able to log into Banner ERP.  Please call the Help Desk at x3333 if you have any questions.
11) If you need to use NolijWeb or the test version of NolijWeb, click here for instructions.