SCI-278 Equipment Instructions

Formal Name: 
Science Center 278 Classroom
Instructor Station
Max Capacity: 

I S:C D Player
I S:Computer, Macintosh
I S:Computer, Windows
I S:Document Camera
I S:Laserdisc Player
I S:Projection Screen(3)
I S:Projector, L C D
I S:Projector, Slide(2)
I S:Projector, Transparency(2)
I S:V C R, U.S.A. Only
I S:Wellesley College Video Network (W C V N)

AV Controls

The Crestron Touch-Screen Panel is fixed on the instructor desk.  Touch the screen to activate and choose your source (e.g., DVD, VHS, Mac, Laptop).


The drapes can be opened or closed using the affixed instructor's Crestron control panel on the instructor's desk or using the control panel marked Window Shades located on the wall behind the instructor's desk.

Light Controls

  • High, All on
  • Med, Dimmed recessed lighting (adequate for note-taking)
  • Low, Dimmed recessed lighting (not adequate for note-taking)
  • Off, All off


Use the Crestron Touch-Screen Panel to adjust the volume.

Projection Screen

To raise or lower the projection screen, select a source on the Crestron Touch-Screen Panel.

Turning on the Projector

Select a media source on the Crestron Touch-Screen Control Panel.  If the projector was off, it will turn on at this point.  It may take up to a minute to reach full brightness.  The projection screen will lower automatically.

Projecting from the PC

Confirm the PC is on (power button should be lit).  On the Crestron Touch-Screen Panel, select PC.

Projecting from the Mac

Confirm the Mac is on.  On the Crestron Touch-Screen Panel, select MAC.

Projecting from a Laptop

  • Locate the VGA/audio cables on the instructor desk or in the equipment rack drawer.  Connect one end of cables to the laptop and the other end to the VGA connection.
  • Press the Laptop button on the Crestron Touch-Screen Control Panel to display the laptop screen.


Projecting from the VCR

Insert a VHS tape into the VCR in the rack.  Select VCR on the Crestron Touch-Screen Panel.  Use the touch panel to play, pause, rewind etc.