SCI-558 Equipment Instructions

Formal Name: 
Science Center 558 Psychology Seminar Room
Conference Table (Seminar Rm)
Max Capacity: 

I S:C D Player
I S:Computer, Windows
I S:D V D Player, U S A Only
I S:Projection Screen
I S:Projector, L C D
I S:V C R, U.S.A. Only

AV Controls

  • On the equipment rack, the Extron Switcher Panel has 7 active buttons for selecting source inputs. Press the respective button for the source you intend to use.
  • Video source remotes are located in either the equipment rack's pullout drawer or on the desk/table.
Rotate the knob Volume on the Extron Switcher.
Projection Screen
To raise or lower the projection screen, press the Screen UP or Screen DOWN buttons on the Extron Switcher, or use the screen's Up and Down controls on the wall next to the equipment rack.
Turning on the Projector

Locate the Extron Switcher. Press and hold for 5 seconds the Display Power button to turn on the projector. The Display Power button will illuminate and the projector will take approximately 45 seconds to reach full brightness.

Projecting from the PC

Confirm the PC is on (power button is lit).  Select the PC button on the Extron Switcher.

Projecting from a Laptop

  • Locate the VGA/audio cables on the instructor desk or in the equipment drawer.  Connect one end of the cables to the laptop and the other end to the Computer connection on the front of the Extron Switcher.
  • Press the Laptop button on the Extron Switcher to display the laptop screen.

Projecting from the DVD/CD player

Insert the disc.  Press the DVD button on the Extron Switcher.  Use the DVD remote or the onboard controls to play the disc.

Projecting from the VCR

Insert the videotape into the VCR.  Press the VCR button on the Extron Switcher.  Use the VCR's remote or onboard controls to play, pause, stop, etc.

Turning off the Projector

To turn off the projector, press and hold for five seconds the green Display Power button on the Extron Switcher.
NOTE: The projector will need a few minutes to cool down before it can be turned on again.