LIB-336 Equipment Instructions

Formal Name: 
Duplicate to LIB-LTS 336
Conference Table (Seminar Rm)
Max Capacity: 

Available Sources

  • PC Computer
  • Laptop or ipad: auxiliary HDMI input

AV Controls

Locate the Extron control device on the wall to the right of the PC computer.

Projection Screen

Manually pull down the screen to project


Locate the wall mounted Extron control device. Raise or lower the audio volume using the icon buttons under volume. To mute the audio, press the "AV mute" button.

Turning On The Projector

Locate the wall mounted Extron control device. Press the "ON" button under Display.

Projecting From The PC

Turn on the PC. Select "VGA" from the Extron control device. Locate the wireless keyboard on the seminar table.

Projecting From A Laptop

Connect a HDMI cable to the Extron wall plate below the Extron control device. Connect the other end to an ipad or laptop. Select the "HDMI" button on the Extron Control Device.

Turning Off The Projector

Press the "Off" button under Display on the Extron control device. NOTE: the projector cannot be turned back on for a least once minture while the lamp is cooling.