Location: SCI E125

Contact: Orit Shaer, oshaer@wellesley.edu

The HCI Lab is dedicated to innovation and investigation of next-generation human-computer interaction technology. Students are encouraged to invent, design, and implement novel ways for people to interact with digital information. Key areas of innovation in the lab include tangible, tabletop, and embodied user interfaces as well as virtual and augmented reality.


Bringing together the arts and sciences, the lab has been the birthplace of numerous student projects ranging from interactive museum exhibits, to wearable technology, to augmented reality applications. 

Equipment and Software

The lab is equipped with eight state-of-the-art high resolution large scale multi-touch displays, configured into a three-cell data wall, a four-cell modular conference table, and a final freestanding development unit. Students can develop multi-touch and tangible user interfaces for these displays using either Mac or PC environments. 


The lab also posses a Microsoft Hololens device for development of new holographic applications and an Oculus VR environment. Additionally, the lab has a MakerBot 2X Replicator 3D Printer, a collection of LittleBits and Arduinos, and an array of tablet and mobile devices. 


The lab is designed for flexibility and collaboration, it includes a sitting area for teamwork, plenty of writeable surfaces, and various working stations.