Creating Google Forms

Receive detailed emails when Google Forms are submitted


In the past, this page contained directions for a script called FormEmailer that allowed you to receive detailed emails when a Google Form was submitted.  The script used an outdated command called UiApp that Google finally disabled in July 2019. Due to this, it is not possible to create new instances of FormEmailer, but existing isntances of FormEmailer that are currently working will continue to work.  You will not be able to edit the data the form sends from a popup window, but you can still edit the settings via the FormEmailer worksheet tab in your Google Sheet.

If you need any assitance with this, please contact the Help Desk.

The original FormEmailer script was created by and is maintained on this website by Henrique Abreu, who is not affiliated with Wellesley College. 

An updated version of FormEmailer that does not use UiApp is available here, created by Cole Lyall, who is not affiliated with Wellesley College. This version has not been tested by LTS yet.