Using Google Voice with Your Office Phone


Google Voice is a tool you can use to manage where your office calls are received.  This is convenient if you telecommute or are routinely away from your desk, or if you would like to receive voicemail to text.  For more information on Google Voice, see Google’s documentation.

Tips for using Google Voice with your office phone


  1. Before you begin, log into your Gmail account. Then you will need to select a Google Voice number.  Please note you do not need to tell others your Google Voice number.  You can continue using your College phone number.  

  2. You can access Google Voice easily from here when logged in your Gmail account.  Click the three-bar icon in the upper left-hand corner and then choose Settings to customize Google Voice.  Add the number(s) or chat options where you wish to receive your office calls.  We do not recommend adding your office phone.  See the important notes below.

  3. To ensure you receive calls made to your office phone while you are away from your desk, you need to forward your office phone to your Google Voice number.  Then Google Voice can route your office calls to your cell phone, home phone, Google hangouts, etc.  When you are at your desk, unforward your office phone to resume receiving calls.

  4. You can set up a schedule for Google Voice to follow for each of your phones.  After logging in with your Gmail account, click the
    three-bar icon in the upper left-hand corner, then look in the list of links on the left-hand side of the page and click "Legacy Google Voice". Then click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page and choose Settings. Then click the Phones tab, then Edit, then click the "Show Advanced Settings" link in order to set up your ring schedule for that phone.




  1. If you’re forwarding your office phone to Google Voice, DO NOT schedule your office phone to receive calls from your Google Voice number, because the calls will never go through (they’ll be stuck in an endless loop).  It’s tempting to add your office phone to the schedule, but it’s only needed if you are giving out your Google Voice number rather than forwarding your office phone to Google Voice.

  2. You must forward or unforward your calls at your physical phone.  If you need to do this when you’re off-campus, ask a colleague who’s in the office for help.

  3. Google Voice has a Do Not Disturb feature.