Google for Faculty


Form to Request a Google Site (Groups are automatically created)


Sharing Files

Uploading Resources:

Drive ⇒ New (Blue Button) ⇒ Upload file/folder ⇒ Choose document/folder ⇒ Open ⇒ Then you can choose to place it in a folder

The folder can then be shared with your Site or Group 

Adding People:

Groups: Go to the Group ⇒ Manage (on the right hand side) ⇒ Direct add members ⇒ Enter email(s) ⇒ Write message ⇒ Add ⇒ Done/Add more

Adding auditors:

  • To add auditors, go to the group page, if you are a group owner, there will be three links at the top right - Manage, Members, and About.

  • Manage will give you a menu of functions available to you on the left side of the page. Before adding an auditor with an email outside of Wellesley College, the Permissions need to be changed. Click Permissions (of the lower left), then Basic Permissions. Check off the checkbox in the middle of the page - Allow members external to this organization | Allow new users not in, and click Save. This will allow you to add non-Wellesley email users.

  • This will add non-Wellesley email users once the permissions are set.

  • Manage>Members>Invite Members is where you can insert emails for people you want to add to the group membership. You may be required to create a welcome message for outside users. This will add non-Wellesley email users once the permissions are set.

  • Note: Auditors will not be able to access the group or site directly. They can only do so through their email.

Sites: Go to the Site ⇒ Settings (the cog) ⇒ Manage Site ⇒ Sharring and Permissions ⇒ Either copy the link and email it to the individuals or enter their email at the bottom making sure to select "Is owner/Can edit/Can view" ⇒ Send

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