Sakai for Faculty


Sakai course sites are created automatically prior to every semester.


Moving Content from One Site to Another:

Start on the site that you want the content, i.e. you have a course in the Spring but the resources are from last Fall's course, start on the Spring course site.

Site Info ⇒ Import from Site ⇒ I would like to merge my data ⇒ Select site(s) ⇒ Select all the tools that you want to pull content from ⇒ Finish

You will receive an email when the materials have completed the move, which may take a few minutes.


Uploading Content to Your Media Gallery:

My Media ⇒ Upload new media to the Site Library ⇒ LTS Reserves ⇒ Search for the film/clip ⇒ Select the film (you can hit play to double check) ⇒ Next ⇒ Next ⇒ Finish

Use the Video E-Reserves Request Form, if you're unable to find your film.


If you are unable to see the Media Gallery tool, this is most likely due to Flash being blocked by your web browser. Allowing Flash in your web browser settings will most likely correct this problem, whether you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Check the Flash settings by clicking on the lock in your browser address bar.

In Firefox and Chrome, the lock may look different depending on the browser you're using.


You can change the settings by clicking the arrows next to Flash


In Safari, control click on the area where the Media Gallery tool should be displayed.
A small menu will pop up and you should select Settings, then Allow:

Screen shot of Safari browser settings


Add Participants (including Auditors):

Site Info ⇒ Add Participants ⇒ Other Official Participants (for Wellesley usernames/emails) / Non-official Participants (non-Wellesley) ⇒ Select a role for the individual: Instructor, Student, or Teaching Assistant ⇒ Continue ⇒ Choose to Send/Don't Send them an email ⇒ Finish


Auditor Password Reset:

Click on Reset Auditor Password located on the left side menu on the Sakai homepage -


(Un)Publishing Your Site:

Publishing: Select the button on the upper left hand corner labeled "Publish"

Unpublishing: Site Info ⇒ Manage Access ⇒ Leave as a draft ⇒ Update


Editing What's in Your Tool Bar:

Site Info ⇒ Edit Tools ⇒ check/uncheck the tools you want/don't want to keep ⇒ Continue ⇒ Finish


Reordering the Order of Your Sites in the Headboard:

My Workspace ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Move around the sites according to the directions ⇒ Update Preferences


Adding a Syllabus:

Syllabus ⇒ Add Attachment (scroll to the bottom of the page) ⇒ Upload local file/URL/Pick from Resources ⇒

Uploading local file: Choose File ⇒ Select File ⇒ Open ⇒ Continue

URL: Insert URL ⇒ Add ⇒ Continue

Pick from Resources: Attach a copy (to the right of the file) ⇒ Continue



Forums ⇒ New Forum ⇒ Forum Title ⇒ List a Short/Long Description

New Topic ⇒ Topic Title ⇒ Short/Long Description