As an auditor you do not directly have access to Google groups or sites.

To communicate with the forums in Google groups/sites, you can email the group/site directly from your inbox.

The group/site email will look similar to the following:


Which breaksdown to Course-Course number-Section-Semester and Year

If you have any difficulties accessing reading, assignments, videos, or other class content, email your professor or your fellow classmates.


How to Login:

First go to Sakai

If you have a Wellesley domain, i.e., you'll use the Wellesley Login

  • From here you will enter your username and password

If you have a non-Wellesley domain, i.e., you'll use the Guest Login

  • From here you will enter your username, which is your email address, and password

Note: If this is your first time using Sakai, make sure to do the tutorial. A tutorial refresher can be found by clicking your username in the upper right hand corner and then clicking Tutorial. 

Forget your password?

If you are an auditor using a non-Wellesley email address, you are able to reset your Sakai password from the Sakai homepage -

Click on Reset Auditor Password located on the left side menu.

You will then enter your email address and receive a message prompting you to reset your password. This message does not require a password change, and can be ignored if you received it erroneously.