Specialized Equipment Instructions

Instructions for Using Equipment

This equipment is for use in the library. Equipment is available at Clapp Library and the computer lab in Pendleton (room 327, 327a). Click the links for more information.

  Knapp Media Center
( & Clapp 2nd floor)
Pendleton Social Science Lab

Music Library Sound Lab

Computer Labs Macintosh and Windows Windows Macintosh
Printers B&W, Color, Plotter (up to 36" widths) B&W  
Scanners Slide/Film, Flatbed (Images, Text, PDF up to 11x17") Flatbed (Images, Text, PDF up to 11x17")  
Video viewing VHS (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), DVD (any region), Laserdisc, WCTV (local, cable, satellite)    

Video digitizing

Capture from Mini-DV, VHS, DVD, Laserdisc, DSLR, camcorder   Capture from DVD, DSLR, and camcorder
Video Editing iMovie, FCP X, Premiere Pro   iMovie, FCP X, Premiere Pro

Audio digitizing

CD, Tascam & CF Audio

Knapp Station 19
Capture from record (33, 45, 78), audio cassette, DAT, CD

  Capture from CD, Tascam, H4N, Q3Zooms, and CF Audio
Audio Editing
(Music production)
Amadeus, Audacity, and Sebelius   Amadeus,  Audacity, Sebelius, Logic, Ableton Live
Study Rooms Media-equipped    
Microfilm Read, Save to PDF, Print    
Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing Contact Jarlath Waldron x2465    
TV Studio Contact Jarlath Waldron x2465    
FinalCut Pro, Advanced video editing

Non-linear editing suites with FCP Studio Pro 7. To reserve a suite: Calendar

  Final Cut Pro X & Premiere Pro
Video Copy, Duplication, Conversion Self-service: VHS-DVD, MiniDV-DVD, DVD-DVD, DVD-VHS
Commercial service*