New for Returning Students

Nothing is new for Papercut for the start of the 2018-19 academic year, with the exception of Science Center relocations, though many things will be new for those students who were away last year.

Last year (2017), PaperCut was updated from version 15.1 to 16.4. Students should be able to use an older version, however we strongly recommend upgrading for best performance and compatibility with the latest versions of macOS and Windows.

Black and white printing is still free!

You should see an initial quota of 1000 pages. Free increases can still be requested via the Computing Help Desk and our online form.

Install the latest version of PaperCut 

Follow our instructions for installing an updated version of PaperCut on your computer and print to Papercut, Papercut-Lab and Papercut-Cloud.

Print in more places...

HP Printers and Release Stations can be found in

  • Clapp Library (main floor - 2 printers, Knapp - 1 printer)
  • Science Center (Mini Focus and outside E101 - 1 printer each) 
  • Art Library (main floor - 1 printer)
  • Music Library (main floor - 1 printer)
  • Pendleton East 125 (first floor well area - 1 printer)
  • Residence Halls (Shafer, Tower, Bates, Stone-Davis - 1 printer each)

Papercut-Cloud may be hidden!

The first time you use Google CloudPrint (to print from Chrome or from a Chromebox/Chromebook) you may not see Papercut-Cloud in your printer list. Click on the Show All link under Google CloudPrint and it will be there. After you use this printer once it will always show up on your default list.

Print from your iOS Devices!

Mobile printing from GoogleApps works from Apple devices. See our instructions.  Android printing is still not supported at this time.

Copy and Scan to Email/PDF on the MFDs!

Even though printing has moved to the HP printers, the large MFDs can still be used for copying and scanning to PDF/email. Copying will still be deducted from your papercut balance.

Copy/Scan MFDs can be found in

  • Clapp Library (main floor)
  • Science Center (Mini Focus)
  • Art Library
  • Music Library

Color Printing is available at the Clapp service desk for $.20 per page

In order to cover the cost of color printing, the per page charge is now $.20. This can be paid for by cash or check at the service desk when you pick up your print jobs. Alternatively, we can add the charge to your library record.


Contact the Computing Help Desk with any questions or problems printing. We want to solve your problems quickly!

Getting Started for Fall 2018