All faculty and staff can send a fax via email.  If you'd like to receive faxes via email and eliminate your fax machine, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@wellesley.edu.  If you have any other questions, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@wellesley.edu.

eFax FAQ

How do I send a fax?
If you have electronic copies of the documents you want to fax, you can compose an email and send it to 1##########@efaxds.com using the 10-digit fax number (e.g., to fax to 781-283-1000, send the email to 17812831000@efaxds.com).

If you have paper copies of the documents, scan and email them to yourself, then on your computer send “fax” email.

Can I send faxes to international numbers?
Yes!  Just use the country code instead of a 1 (1 is the country code for the US). You do not need to use leading zeros.

Can I send the email directly from my MFD?
Yes!  Scan the documents, then send them to your fax.  You'll need to type in the 10-digit fax number (e.g., to fax to 781-283-1000, send the email to 17812831000@efaxds.com).

How do I receive a fax?
They will arrive in your Inbox as pdfs attached to emails. If you have eFax Secure (you’ll know if you do), the email will instead have a link to log in and download the fax.

I’m getting a lot of faxes for other people.  How do I stop receiving them?
Unfortunately, when sending faxes there isn’t a way to designate the recipient if the fax number is used by more than one person. However, faxes are sent to a Google Group dedicated to your fax number so you can change your group settings to stop getting the emails.  You will just need to remember to check the group for your own faxes.

If everyone in your department does not want to receive these messages, you can designate one person from the department to be responsible for checking the group and forwarding the faxes to the intended recipient.  That is something your department will need to decide on internally.

What is PII?
PII is personally identifying information.  It includes Social Security numbers, passport and drivers' license numbers, and bank and credit card information.  Basically, PII is any information that could be used to commit identity theft.

Why do we need eFax Secure?
Gmail is not compliant with Massachusetts laws that regulate the storage of PII.

(eFax Secure users) Can faxes that don’t contain PII be sent directly instead of having to log in?
The only way to do this would be to create a second fax number and tell the people faxing you to use that one only for faxes that do not contain PII.