The Telecommunications Department has partnered with MobileSphere™ to provide Wellesley College with a highly competitive residential domestic and international long distance calling plan. This is a prepaid service which can be used from the residence hall, a cell phone, or any off-campus phone throughout the continental United States. There are two ways to use this service; as a calling card or by registering your phone. Both options are available to you once you open an account. The CellularLD™ option with your MobileSphere™ account provides excellent rates for international calling from your cell phone.

The Calling Card option - This option is required for making calls from campus phones. Just like calling cards it will require the use of a pin/authorization code. This pin will be provided to you upon opening an account on line.

Phone Registration option - You may register up to three phone numbers from which to make direct dial on-network calls. Only phones that send caller ID information should be registered. If your phone sends Caller ID, the registered number will identify and authenticate you to the network eliminating the need for a pin code. This option is commonly used with cell phones. This pin will be emailed to you as well as directions on how to use the service when you open an account.

MobileSphere™ has a secure interface designed to access services and account information and make transactions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can:

  • Open a prepaid account
  • Online account management
  • Real-time billing and Call Detail Records
  • See your account activity
  • Register a phone for direct dial on-network calling
  • Find Long Distance and International costs per minute rates


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