Multiline Sets


Multi-line sets provide the ability to receive or place more than one call at a time, by using the multiple extensions appearing on the set. Some multi line sets are equipped with a digital display and a two-way speakerphone. The digital display shows the extension number of an incoming call, any digits dialed by the user, and indicates time, date and status of the call. Features are accessed by using feature keys. The features available at Wellesley are as follows:


To transfer a call to another set: press transfer key, dial ext., press transfer again, hang up and call is transferred.


To connect up to 6 parties on a conference: press conference key, dial 3rd party's number, announce conference, press conference key again. Repeat procedure to connect additional parties. For more information, refer to our page on Conference Calling.

Call Forward

To send all calls to another extension or to voice mail: without lifting handset press the "Forward" key (right above the Quit key), dial number where calls will be sent, and then press the "Done" key. Your display will show "Calls Forwarded" beneath the words Wellesley College.

To cancel call forwarding: without lifting handset, press the "CheckFW" key (right above the Quit key), and then press the CanclFw key.

Call Pickup

To answer ringing phone from your set: lift handset, press "pickup" key or dial *7.

Ring Again

To be automatically notified when a busy set is free: when you hear busy tone, press "ring again" key, hang up. When busy set is free, set will buzz and ring again indicator will flash.

To respond: press ring again key, system will redial number.

Speed Call

To program between 5 and 10 frequently dialed numbers under a 1-digit code: without lifting handset, press "speed call" key, dial 1-digit access code (0-4 or 0-9), dial number to be stored, (9 + 1 + area code + number), press "speed call" key again. Repeat procedure for additional numbers.

To use: lift handset, press "speed call" key, dial 1-digit code for number desired.

Last Number Redial

To redial the last number dialed: lift handset, press extension key twice.

Account Code

To charge a call to a budget number: lift handset, dial *1, enter 5 digit account code (or 4 digits plus zero), hear dialtone, dial 9 plus the number.

Electronic Lock

To lock a set to prevent unauthorized use: lift handset, dial #6 and 4-digit password, hear confirmation tone, set is locked.

To unlock: lift handset, dial #7 and 4-digit password, hear confirmation tone, phone is unlocked.

Change Password

To change password, lift handset, dial #9 + old password, hear confirmation tone, enter new 4-digit password, hear confirmation tone, enter new password again, hear confirmation tone again, password is changed.

Call Park

Press park key, press park key again. call is parked on your extension unless you have a display phone. If you have a display phone the call is parked on the number shown in your display.

To retrieve: lift handset, dial #3 dial the number where you parked the call.

Dial Intercom

Lift handset, press dial intercom key, dial the one or two digit member number, hear ringing until intercom is answered.

Red Rls Button

The red release button is used to disconnect a call.


Is used to put calls on speaker. Press handsfree/mute key to activate, handset can be place back in cradle. Press handsfree/mute again to activate mute feature. Mute allows you to speak without the caller hearing you. Press handsfree mute again to de-activate mute.


Press program key then the following 2 digit number for that feature:

00 - Volume Adjustment, press appropriate number to select which volume to adjust (1-5)
02 - Contrast Adjustment
03 - Call Timer Enable
04 - Idle Screen Format
05 - Language Selection
09 - Key Click