Voicemail Overview

Voicemail service at Wellesley is a private system serving faculty and administration. Each faculty and staff member has the ability to forward calls to a voice mailbox when their phone goes unanswered, is busy, or both. The subscriber can send messages to other on-campus voice mailboxes, and receive messages from both on-campus or external callers. Voicemail also allows you to send one message to a pre-designated group of mailboxes, and receive campus-wide announcements.

Voicemail allows the subscriber to record a personal greeting which plays whenever a call is forwarded to the mailbox. The subscriber determines the security code for their mailbox, and therefore ensures the security of their messages. Voicemail also allows the subcriber to forward a message to another user's mailbox, or reply to a message received in their own mailbox.

Voicemail Configuration and Functions Configuration

  • Each voicemail box contains capacity and time limitations as follows:
  • Total number of messages allowed: 20
  • Number of days messages are kept: 30
  • Maximum message length: 2 minutes
  • Personal distribution list - call x3333 to request
  • Maximum number of mailboxes per distribution list: unlimited
  • Security code: minimum 6 characters long