Print from ChromeOS

Chromeboxes are installed in the Clapp Reference Room (second floor). You can also print from borrowed chromebooks (from the Help Desk) as well as your own ChromeOS devices.

Printing from a Chromebook or Chromebox, or Chrome browser

  1. Select File > Print, click on the printer icon (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P on a Chrome device).
  2. When the print dialog box appears, click on Change...
  3. For Free Black and White Printing, decide where you want the document printed, select the printer (for example, ClappRef-Printer1, or the name of your residence hall). For Color Printing (to be paid for at the Clapp/Science service desk) choose the appropriate Color printer.
    • If you do not see these printers in the list, click on the Show All button in the Google CloudPrint section of the Print window.
    • After you select a printer once it will appear in your main list.
  4. Choose double-sided or single-sided.
  5. Click the Print button. The dialog box will disappear after the job has sent. Longer jobs will take longer to send. 
  6. Pick up the print job at the printer where you sent it
  7. COMING: Go to a release station next to a printer and log in with your Wellesley username and password. Manually select the job you want to print. The job will leave the list when it is released to the printer.


My job was denied!

PDF files are compressed files. Before printing, the document must be uncompressed in the system. While the file size you see might be 10MB, its uncompressed size could be hundreds of MB! Jobs whose uncompressed file size is more than 300MB will be denied when they hit the server to maintain reasonable printing times at the printers. To print your job, print sections of pages at a time. If you would like help optimizing a pdf file so it is able to print in its entirety, please visit one of our service desks.


Need to keep your Microsoft Office formatting?

  1. From your email, save the document as a .doc (or other Office file) to your Chrome Downloads. (Do not save the document to your Google Drive.)
  2. Open the OneDrive Google app on your Chrome device. (Use the search feature in the bottom left of your screen to browse the apps on the Chrome Device to find OneDrive.)
  3. You will be directed to a Microsoft Online login screen. Use your Wellesley username and the password you selected when setting up your OneDrive account.
  4. Once you log in, your OneDrive Documents page will appear; Select Upload
  5. Go to your Chromebook/Chromebox Downloads and select the item you downloaded from your email.
  6. The item will become linked in on this OneDrive Documents page; click the link to view the document.
  7. Click the Print button in the upper left corner when viewing the document.
  8. Print and Release as usual.

Need to set up your OneDrive account?

  • Go to
  • Click Sign Up
  • Click the One Drive "Create a Microsoft Account" button on the left. (Do not select OneDrive for Business.)
  • Enter your email address and choose a password.
  • Uncheck Send me promotional emails from Microsoft if you don't wish to receive these.
  • Click Create account
  • You will be directed to a page informing you that you were sent a verification email. You must click the link in that email to finish signing up. 

Additional questions and answers are found on the main Papercut page.