Copy a DVD to a DVD Using Toast

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Where to find this software at Wellesley

Toast 6 Titanium is used to create and copy your data, music, photo and video CDs and DVDs on Mac OS X. The KeyServered version of Toast 6 Titanium may be installed on student, faculty, and staff computers. It is also available on all classroom/lab Macintosh computers.

Copy a CD/DVD

  1. Open Toast 6 Titanium ( Go -> Applications -> Toast 6 Titanium )
  2. Click on the Copy tab. Click on the Basic tab in the left hand window, and make sure that CD/DVD Copy is selected.

  3. Insert your CD/DVD (quit out of iTunes if it opens). Your CD/DVD information will be displayed in the Toast window, and you will see an estimate of the space used on the disc being created in the lower right hand corner of the window, near the record button.

    A: Record Button

    B: Estimates the space used on the disc being created

    C: Select CD or DVD from this pull down menu to reflect the media that you are copying

  4. Click the red Record button.
  5. In the copy settings window, under the Basic tab, make sure that your CD/DVD burner is selected under Recorder . Specify the number of copies you would like under Number of Copies . If you are making more than one copy, Toast will prompt you for each blank disc as you go.

  6. Click the blue Record button. Toast will record your CD/DVD, and will prompt you to insert blank media when it is finished copying. Once blank media is inserted, Toast will automatically write to the CD/DVD.

  7. You will be prompted when your CD/DVD is ready to use. If you are making multiple copies, Toast will continue to prompt you for blank media.