Poster/Plotter Printing

The Clapp Library is equipped with Large Format Plotter Printers.

Printing Costs & Payment

  • Epson Premium LUSTER or GLOSSY Paper costs $5.50 per linear foot.
  • SiHL CAD lightweight bond paper costs $2.50 per linear foot

Each of the three types of paper rolls is 36" in width. You only pay for the print's length.

Pay for your print at the Service Desk after printing. Cash, check made out to "Wellesley College" and budget number are acceptable forms of payment, as well as having it added to your account.


Reserve a 30-minute long printing session through these Google Appointment Calendars:

   Clapp |  Knapp

Instructions for creating a plotter appointment (30 min slot)



Ready-to-print projects will seldom take more than 25 minutes to print. Reserve a 30-minute block in case you run into issues with your file.

Page Size Limits

  • The width of the paper roll is 36"
  • Print size needs to be 36" x 8" or greater
  • The maximum width and length of each type of document varies depending on the application within which it was created.
    • Example: The maximum length of a poster created in PowerPoint is 56"
  • Unless otherwise specified, maximum printing length is 90"

Creating Research Posters in...

Downloading and printing USGS topographic maps (Clapp Library)

Printing using Adobe Reader or Photoshop in...

  • Clapp (Epson Stylus Pro 9900)
  • Science (Epson Stylus Pro 9800)


Cancel the print job right away...

  • if the print is coming out too small or too big and is being cut off
  • if it is printing in the wrong orientation
  • if there appear to be streaks on the print
  • if the colors are way off
  • if the paper runs out

You will not be charged for the extra paper used if the printing process was sabotaged by forces beyond your control.

  • Solving a Missing Font or Formatting Issue - easy fix, save as PDF!

It is highly recommended that you save the original file as a PDF and print the PDF using Adobe Reader.

If you are using a special font, or your project contains complex formatting with lots of layered images, moving the original file from one computer to another or one Operating System to another may result in the shifting of the media you've included. Fonts may also be substituted if the original font used in the project is unavailable on the computer from which you are printing. Saving as PDF preserves fonts and formatting.

Ask for Assistance if...

  • the paper roll needs to be changed or reloaded
  • ink or maintenance kit needs to be changed
  • nozzles need to be cleaned
  • or if you run into any other problems at all