Computing Purchases

Faculty & Staff - Purchases with College Funds

The Hardware Replacement Policy outlines the College-owned computer replacement cycle.  Please see the latest hardware configurations for more information on standard models and options for upgrades.

If you have questions about upgrading your current hardware cycle computer, contact the Help Desk at 781-283-3333 or

If you would like to purchase additional computers with department or grant funds, please fill out the Computing Purchase Request form and a LTS staff member will be in touch to help you.

NOTE: All requests must be submitted through the form above and the request must contain an accurate and complete budget number to charge the purchase.  Email requests will no longer be accepted. The form must be submitted by the authorized signer on that budget.  If you need equipment and you are not the authorized signer on the budget to be charged, you must contact the authorized signer and ask them to submit this form on your behalf.  By completing this form, the requester is authorizing LTS to charge that budget.

Personal Use - Purchases through educational stores for Faculty, Staff, Students

Through agreements with various vendors, Wellesley College is able to make the following discounts available for personal purchases by faculty, staff, and students.  Other software is available at no cost according to campus licenses.

Apple lenovo Microsoft & Adobe Software
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Wellesley College does not specifically recommend any one brand of notebook or desktop computer. However, the computer manufacturers listed below are currently used by Wellesley College for our computing needs and our support staff are experts at supporting these products. Additionally, these manufacturers provide academic discounts that Wellesley College students, faculty and staff may want to take advantage of. These discounts are, in general, not specific to Wellesley College. Students should review the Wellesley College Student's  Guide to Purchasing a Computer before placing an order.

Apple Computers

  • Faculty, staff and students (including entering students) can order online and customize you personal purchases. 

Lenovo Computers

  • Wellesley College faculty, staff and students (including entering students) may order from our Lenovo discount order site.

Software Discounts for Current Students

  • Software Store: Wellesley portal > Administrivia
  • Microsoft software
    • Currently free subscription available, see Office 365 details.  Must be connected to the network once every 30 days.
    • questions/problems? Help link at top of store's page; at bottom of help page is Contact Us link
    • shipping only allowed to addresses in United States
  • Adobe software

Software Discounts for Current Faculty/Staff

  • Software Store: Wellesley portal > Administrivia
  • Microsoft software (2 choices)
    • Currently free subscription available, see Office 365 details.  Must be connected to the network once every 30 days.
      • questions/problems? Help link at top of store's page; at bottom of help page is Contact Us link
      • shipping only allowed to addresses in United States
    • For a nominal fee, while employed by the College, there's a Work at Home / Home Use Program option, to use MS Office on a personal device for the duration of your employment and while having a College-owned computer with MS Office
  • Adobe software

Licensed Software Available at No Cost

Other Software

Please see Wellesley's lists of supported software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, most of which are available free of charge.