Sakai Documentation

Sakai Documentation

These resources provide assistance in using Sakai at Wellesley College. Some of these resources are tailored to Wellesley, others have been created for Sakai support by other institutions.


Adding Students

Adding Resources

Adding Audio and Video


For immediate assistance, call the Instructional Support line, x4848 or the Help Desk, x3333, or email




In Sakai, there are Course sites and Project sites:

Course sites will be created automatically after the Registrar finalizes the course schedule for the upcoming semester. Course sites will be create as unpublished, but they will be visible to you if you are the instructor.

Please note that all of the course sites you have access to are listed under Sites, in the upper right corner. You can select which are visible in your navigation bar by clicking the star next to the course title. Learn more about how to Customize and manage your Course site.

Project sites can be created and managed by you independently. Project sites are typically sites where a project teams and committees can make share resources such as documents or links to other web sites. Learn how to Create and manage your own Project site.


Adding Students:

Your students will be automatically enrolled in course sites through Banner as they register for your course. You can also manually add students and auditors to your sites.

To add participants (including auditors):

  • Select Site Info from the left side menu

  • Select Add Participants from the row of buttons

  • Select Other Official Participants (for Wellesley usernames/emails) or Non-official Participants (for non-Wellesley emails)

  • Select a role for the individual: Instructor, Student, or Teaching Assistant

  • Continue

  • Choose to Send/Don't Send them an email

  • Finish

Auditors are able to re-set their own passwords using the Reset Auditor Password button located on the left side menu of the Sakai homepage -



Adding Resources:

Adding text and multimedia files to your Resources folder is easy. You can either drag & drop the files into Sakai from your computer, or upload them using a browse & upload function.

Inside the main Resources folder, you can create subfolders, add files, delete files and set access permissions.

If you have materials already in a course site from a previous semester, you can use those in your current course.

To re-use materials from a previous semester:

  • Open the site where you want the content to appear, i.e. you have a Spring course but the resources are from last Fall, open the Spring course site.

  • Select Site Info

  • Select Import from Site

  • On the Import Data page, Select “I would like to merge my data”

  • Select the site(s) and all the tools that you want to pull content from

  • Select Finish

  • You will receive an email when the materials have completed the move, which may take a few minutes for larger collections.

You can also create links to Resources files from within other tools, like your Syllabus or an Announcement.


Adding Audio and Video:

New! In Sakai 19, you can use the Media Gallery tool just as in the past, but now you can also Add Media (from your computer, a previous semester from the Media Gallery or from a Shared Repository) directly inside the individual tools: Announcements, Assignments, Forum, Lessons, Syllabus, etc. This makes videos more integrated with your course content and activities. Anywhere the text editor appears, you can embed a video just by clicking the Kaltura icon (see below), and then selecting the video from the Media Gallery.


To find video e-reserves titles you’ve used in the past, you now choose the Media Gallery and search for the titles you need using the Shared Repository.

For other videos you would like to add to your course site,

Adding e-reserves and shared media:

  • Click on the Add Media button to the right

  • Select Shared Repository

  • Use the Search Repository box to the right

  • Check the box next to the film you would like to add and click the blue +Publish button to the right

  • This will add it to your Media Gallery


Adding your own media files:

  • Select Add Media

  • Select My Media

  • Select Add New

  • Select Media Upload or Webcam Recording

  • On the Upload Media page, select +Choose a file to upload then click Open, or you can also drag & drop the files

  • You will see a green bar when the file is finished and ready

Submitting requests for digitizing or purchasing films for e-reserves will remain the same. Use the Video E-Reserves Request Form for requests.


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