Creating a site

Sakai Course sites and Project Sites

Course sites will be created automatically for the upcoming semester (after the Registrar finalizes the course schedule).


Project sites can be created by members of the Wellesley community for non-academic uses.

If you are a faculty or staff member, and you would like to use Sakai for other collaborative projects, independent studies, research, or thesis work, you can create your own project site using the following instructions:

Once you have logged into Sakai,

1. In your My Workspace toolbar, click the Worksite Setup tool.
2. At the top of the Worksite Setup page, click New .

3. Under "Site Type", click the radio button next to project site

4. Click Continue.

From here on, you are picking settings for your site. To make changes to the settings after your site is created, you can use the Site Info tool within your site.

1. In the Project Site Information screen, the only critical fields are the following:

  • Site Title - This should be the same title you listed in your Site Request Form
Naming your Sakai Site:
Sakai displays all sites in a long list. The naming conventions below are intended to help people find your site more easily. Site names have a maximum total length of 40 characters, including the prefix ( list of prefixes ).
- Sites for scholarly work or work within the department should have the department or division prefix, in the form CHEM- xxxxxxx or PROV- xxxxxx (e.g., CHEM-Nobel Lab).
- Sites that apply to several groups or departments, should use a WEL- prefix (e.g., WEL-Committee on Diversity).
- Sites not related to college business but beneficial to the community will use the prefix GEN- (e.g., GEN-Babysitting).

Sites which do not use these naming conventions may be unpublished until proper naming conventions are met.

  • Site Contact Name & Site Contact Email - this is the 'owner' of the site, the person who will be contacted if someone would like to join the site or has a question or concern about the site. You can add additional members later who can serve as site administrators managing the technical functionality.
Sites without contact names or contact emails may be unpublished until one is assigned to the site.
  • You can add more information if you like.

2. Click Continue.

3. Select Project Site Tools - We recommend you start with the default set and change it after your site is built.

4. Click Continue. 

5. In Project Site Access, choose whether your site begins as published or unpublished.

  • Leave your site unpublished if you would like time to set it up before revealing it to site members.
  • Publish it if you would like site members to see it right away.

6. Click Continue.

7. Confirm your Project Site Setup. Review all the options you set up in the last few screens. If you are satisfied, click Create Site .