Managing a site

Before you begin: Make sure the tab for your project site is active and you are not accidentally working in another course or project site.

No one can see your site unless you Publish it.

To publish your site:

1. Click on the Site Info tool

2. Click on the Manage Access link at the top of the page

3. To publish the site , select the Publish site radio button

4. To hide the site until you’re ready to publish, deselect the Publish site radio button

5. Click Update


Managing permissions: Site roles

As the manager of a project site, you can determine the levels of access site members have to different functions, resources and tools.  These levels of access are called permissions , and are organized in relation to roles . When you assign roles to site participants, you are setting the parameters for their access and activity within the project site.

At Wellesley, we have three roles for project sites:

  • Manager – The manager is the site administrator, and has full access to all parts of the site. The Manager is empowered to publish the site; add and remove participants; add, change, and delete site content, tools, and information.
  • Contributor – Contributors can read and add content to sites (e.g., in forums, blogs, wikis, resources).
  • Custom – The default setting for the Custom role has very limited levels of access. Feel free to adjust these limits if you want to give the custom role more access to the site.

When you add participants to your site, you can assign them roles individually or as a group (see below).


Adding participants to a site and assigning roles

Sites are not open unless you add participants or make them “joinable” by anyone with a Wellesley College domain account. To add participants to your site:  

1. Click on the Site Info tool

2. Click on the Add Participants link at the top of the page

3. Use the Other Official Participants: Official Email Address or Username text box to add Wellesley-affiliated participants to the site. Type the Wellesley College username of each participant you wish to add. Use a separate line for each participant. To find correct usernames, use the College’s online directory .

4. For participants not affiliated with Wellesley, use the Non-official Participants: Email Address of Non-participant text box. Enter their full email address (e.g.,

5. To assign all participants the same role, check that the Assign all participants the same role radio button is selected. To assign roles individually, select the Assign each participant a role individually radio button.

6. Click Continue

7. Select an appropriate role from the Choose a Role for Participants screen (use the drop-down menus on the right-hand side of the page).

8. Click Continue

9. To notify the participant(s) the site it available, select the Send Now radio button.

10. Click Continue


Managing site tools

Adding and removing site tools

1. Click on the Site Info tool

2. Click on the Edit Tools link

3. To add tools: Check the checkboxes next to the tool(s) you would like to add

4. To remove tools: Uncheck the appropriate checkboxes

5. Click Continue

6. Click Finish


Organizing tools

1. Click on the Site Info tool

2. Click on the Page Order link

3. Drag and drop the tools to move them up or down in the list

4. To remove a tool, click the red X at the far-right of the box for that tool

5. Click Save to save your changes