Satellite Programming

Mounted on the Physical Plant building are five 1.2 meter fixed parabolic antennas and two steerable dishes: one C/Ku-band 3.2 meter SA dish that is dedicated to specific channels on WCVN, and a C/Ku-band 3.8 meter Com Tech dish for downlinking a variety of programming to WCVN.

To downlink a particular program , the requestor will need to supply Jarlath Waldron ( ) with information regarding the coordinates for the satellite dish.  This information will be provided by the people uplinking the program as part of the program registration or, in some cases, the coordinates are free and available. The downlink is viewable from any TV connected to the WCVN system on Channel 13. Requests for downlinking satellite programs are on a first-come, first-served basis and require a one-week notice. One may also request to have the program videotaped.