Adobe software

Wellesley College has a site license for Adobe Creative Cloud that allows us to install this suite of programs on any college-owned computer.  Adobe Creative Cloud includes programs such as PhotoShop, Acrobat, InDesign and Illustrator, among others.

Adobe discontinued our old licensing on November 30, 2019. We transitioned to new Adobe Named User Licensing and Shared Device Licensing: 

  • Current faculty and staff need to move your college-owned computer to the new licensing, which takes about 5-10 minutes for newer computers.

Instructions for Mac and Windows.

  • New benefit:  Current faculty and staff can get Adobe for use on a home computer for free by logging in to Adobe CC Desktop  via Single Sign On.  Note this personal license only applies to current faculty and staff who have a college-owned computer, and this license will cease working automatically after your departure or retirement from the College. 
    If you do not currently have Adobe CC Desktop on your computer, you can download an Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop installer from or use the instructions above for getting an installer from us.

  • Beginning June 2019: As classroom and lab computers were refreshed with the new Shared Device Licensing, current faculty, staff and students log in to Adobe Creative Cloud using your new Enterprise ID via Single Sign On (the same log in you use for things like Wellesley Gmail and Workday) in order to access Adobe Creative Cloud software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limit to the number of computers I can use Adobe on?

Actively-employed faculty and administrative staff are allowed to be logged into Adobe Creative Cloud on two computers at once. A class/lab computer using a Shared Device License will not count. If you install on 3 computers -- say, a home computer, a work laptop, and a work desktop -- you will have to log out one session to get onto the third one.

  • What if I get an Access Denied message?

If you see Access Denied when you try to use the new Adobe CC Desktop, contact the Help Desk with the following information and the appropriate staff will get back to you.

your username

you are current faculty/staff?

you have a college-owned computer?

  • What if I already have a personal Adobe account?

If you use Adobe for personal business, continue using a personally-purchased Adobe account. Otherwise, if you're using Adobe for course work or college business, by all means use this new, free license! 

If you have an existing Adobe ID account using your Wellesley email, when prompted whether you want to use that Adobe ID or the new Enterprise account, select this new one. 

  • When do I have to pay attention to this?

    Before the license breaks on your college-owned computer on November 30, 2019

  • What about students?

Students need to use this Single Sign On in updated classrooms and labs as of summer 2019.