Adobe Creative Cloud

This information is for faculty and staff using a college-owned computer.

For personally-owned computers, see our free/low-cost alternatives or, faculty and staff, low-cost annual subscription.

Creative Cloud suite on college-owned computers

When we set up a college-owned computer, we install Adobe Creative Cloud 2017: PhotoShop and Acrobat. (Computing classrooms and labs get more applications.)
Some people also use other Adobe CC applications, or want a specific version of something like InDesign.  Faculty and staff can pick up our installers (Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere) and add these to your computer at your convenience.  The Help Desk can assist as needed.
  1. With a computer on campus, not off campus using the VPN, get the installer(s) you want
    1. Open the server share

      Mac: in Finder, use Go menu, Connect to Server, smb://academicstore/software
      Windows: Start, \\academicstore\Software 

    2. Connect using your Wellesley College credentials, likely wellesley\username rather than just username
    3. Once you have the Software share open, double-click on:

      For Your College-owned Computer


    4. Copy the appropriate installer(s) to your computer's desktop. (If you're not sure, do 2017; if you use InDesign and share documents with others, make sure you all have the same version of InDesign.)

      open the Mac or Windows folder
      there are individual installers, such as other versions of InDesign

    5. Windows: copy the folder(s) with the appropriate name(s) for what you want to your desktop
      Mac: copy the appropriate _install.pkg file(s) to your desktop
      The copy may take a few minutes, as these are fairly large files and folders.
  2. Install the software
    Note: you may do the installation(s) that follow on or off campus.
    1. After the copy is complete, for Windows, on your computer's desktop, open the downloaded folder. 
    2. Run the installer (Right-click on Setup and select Run As Administrator for Windows, or the .pkg you copied on the Mac).

      The progress bar is not a good indicator of how far along it is or how long it will take.  It could take half an hour.  

    3. Wait for that window to close or prompt that the install is complete.
    4. If you are installing more than one thing, begin the next installation.
    5. After the install shows as complete, run the additional application(s) to verify they installed properly. 
    6. If you are prompted to log in with an Adobe ID on a college-owned computer, faculty and staff please do the Adobe licensing fix.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk in Clapp Library.