Where to find this software at Wellesley

SPSS may be installed on student, faculty, and staff computers connected to the Wellesley network. A version of SPSS is also available on all classroom, computing lab and residence hall computers. This application is controlled by a license manager and cannot be used without a connection to the Wellesley College Network.

System Requirements (for macOS: 10.10-10.15 / 11 and be logged in with an admin account)

SPSS 26 installation

  1. If off campus, use the VPN to connect to vpn.wellesley.edu; if on campus, connect to the Wellesley Secure WiFi.
  2. Get the installers
    1. Connect to the academicstore server using your Wellesley username and password
      (you may need to enter wellesley\username instead of just your username)
      • on a Mac, in the Finder's Go menu, Connect to server, smb://academicstore/software
        (Got an error? try academicstore.wellesley.edu instead of just academicstore)
      • on a Windows PC: use  click  windows home button Start or Run, then type \\academicstore\software
        (Note: this is not a web address, so don't use a web browser to find this)
        (Got an error? try academicstore.wellesley.edu instead of just academicstore;
        if it pre-fills the username, select More Choices to be able to put in wellesley\username)
    2. Open the folder containing the installer: facstaffstudents, then SPSS
      It may take a moment for the folders to appear
    3. Open the v26 folder, then drag the Mac or Windows folder to your computer's desktop
    4. Watch the progress of the download, which will take longer on some computers for the installer, as that is very large
    5. If you are unable to copy the Mac installers, an alternative Mac download is available using your Wellesley College Google account. If you download this, you will need to double-click to unzip the downloaded file before moving on to the next steps. There is a 2nd download for a Fix Pack.
  3. Run the installers
    1. ​Eject the academicstore - software connection to be sure the copying is done
    2. Double-click on the Mac or Windows folder on your desktop
    3. Double-click on the main installer (starts with the letter S)
    4. On a Mac, drag the SPSS installer to the desktop; wait for it to finish copying and then hold down the control button on your keyboard when you click on that SPSS installer on the desktop, and select Open
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen, clicking through the installation as with any installer, watching for the following; please note that these may not be listed in the order they appear:
    • At the end, uncheck the box to run SPSS, as that needs to wait, for now
    • Sometimes iCloud will give a warning during install. It can be ignored - just click OK.
    • Choose whether to install Python based on your SPSS needs
    • License Type: Concurrent user license
    • License Server: LM-spss.wellesley.edu
    • If asked, Customer Information:
      User Name:          Your UserName
      Organization:        Wellesley College
    1. If you forgot and launched SPSS, quit.
    2. Double-click on the other installer you copied to your desktop, even if the install failed; it's a fix pack and starts with "26"; follow its instructions as with any other installer (if asked, you do want to Allow)
    3. If it says you need to restart the computer, make sure any work you have open is saved and restart.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If your Mac login is not an Admin account, but a Standard account, SPSS will not be installed properly
    • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, Click Users & Groups
    • Click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password
    • Select the standard user in the list, then select “Allow user to administer this computer”
  • Make sure you are on the Wellesley Secure network on campus, or using vpn.wellesley.edu in Cisco AnyConnect if off campus
  • If SPSS complains about licensing, quit SPSS, launch the SPSS Statistics Licensing Wizard (in the same folder: /Applications/IBM) and enter the License info there before first launch of SPSS Statistics.
    (License Type: Concurrent user licenseLicense Server: LM-spss.wellesley.edu).

Getting Started

Launching SPSS
On a Mac, use Spotlight to find it, or open Macintosh HD > Applications > IBM > SPSS > Statistics > 26 > SPSSStatistics
On a Windows PC, click Start and start typing SPSS Statistics
If you are prompted about licensing and can select Concurrent and enter the license server information in the previous step, do so.
If SPSS complains that it doesn't have a license, quit, then launch the SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard in the same folder where you found the SPSSStatistics application and select concurrent licensing, using the license server as mentioned above.
Remember that this is an on-campus (or VPN) only, network licensed software and only a certain number of computers can use the program at one time. Please quit from SPSS when it is not in use.