SSL VPN - Mobile Install Guide

SSL VPN on iPhones & iPads

To use the SSL VPN on your iPhone or iPad, download the free Cisco AnyConnect app from the App Store, then follow the directions below.

Initial Setup:

  1. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect app.
  2. Touch Add VPN Connection.
  3. For the Description field, enter Wellesley College.
  4. For the Server Address, enter
    • ​For Secure SSL VPN users, enter
  5. Press Save to save this connection profile.

Using the app:

  1. In the main AnyConnect window, make sure the Wellesley College connection is listed.
  2. Tap the toggle switch next to AnyConnect VPN.
  3. The Details field will changed to Connecting,
  4. When you are prompted, enter your Domain Account username and password and tap Connect.
  5. Once connected, the AnyConnect VPN slider will be set to the on position and will be green.  You will also now see a VPN icon in the menubar of your device.
  6. To disconnect from the VPN , launch the AnyConnect app, and tap the slider next to the AnyConnect VPN field.