Wellesley College Video Network

The Wellesley College Video Network system (WCVN) currently transmits commercial, academic and campus-produced programming from the Knapp TV studio and locally televised events, to every teaching space on campus, as well as to a large number of public spaces, offices, dining areas and all residence hall public spaces.

Click for the complete channel guide and links to channel websites for listings .

Media Services is equipped to downlink requested satellite broadcasts. For more information, see Satellite Programming .

Media Servicies is equipped to air pre-produced programming on videotape, laserdisc or DVD for viewing during class or at pre-scheduled air times over the WCVN system. Requests must be placed a week in advance of the scheduled playback time and the video source material delivered to the Knapp Center. The program will be aired on Channel 10. This service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Jarlath Waldron.

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecting to Cable TV Services

How do I "autoprogram" my TV or VCR?

Often an "autoprogram" process is necessary the first time you connect your TV/VCR to a new video signal. After confirming that your TV/VCR is set to receive cable, use your remote control to access your on-screen menu. Find the "autoprogram" function and initiate it by selecting it in the menu (or pressing the program button on the front of the TV or VCR.) You should then see the channel number indicator on your screen advance as your TV/VCR searches for live signals. After a minute or so the auto-programming should be complete.

I am not receiving a signal. What do I do now?

If there is still no signal after following the instructions above, there may be a problem with your WCVN outlet. To report the problem, contact Henry Ordway at x2363, or email hordway@wellesley.edu