Scan to Email

Note: these instructions are for the old



You may need to click here for the new 2019 Xerox instructions instead



Setting up Scan to Email 
If after scanning documents with your Konica Minolta multi function device (MFD) you would like to have them emailed, please refer to the following instructions below:
  1. From your computer, open a web browser.  In the browser address bar, enter http://<put the queue name here>. If you see a login prompt simply log in without typing anything in or choose Public User.
    • For example, if your queue name is mlib2r then you would enter http://mlib2r.
    • NOTE:  If the MFD you are using is using secured Access Codes, the first screen you see will require you to enter the same code you use to make a copy in the Account Password field.
  2. Save this address as a favorite.
    • For example, if using Google Chrome, click the star icon at the right side of the address bar.
  3. If you haven't already done so, after following the instructions in the first step about the login, click the Login button
  4. Click the orange tab Address.
  5. Click on New Registration underneath Address Book List.
  6. Select E-mail and click OK or Next.
  7. Enter your name under Name.
  8. Select ABC for the Index option.
  9. Check off the box for Main.
  10. Enter your email address under E-mail address (example:
  11. Click Apply and the name will be listed on the machine under the scan tab.
Directory Search
Its possible to search the Wellesley directory for names that were not entered into the multi function device using the previous method as well.
  1. Push the Fax/ Scan button
  2. Select Address Search
  3. Select OK
  4. Select Search
  5. Type the name of the person you wish to search for.
  6. Select Start Search in the lower right of the panel.
  7. Once the search completes, select the name of the contact you wish to send the document to.
  8. Select OK and push the Start button on the copier.