Faculty & Staff

What does Mail Services do for you?

Delivers campus and U.S. Mail to departments.

Forwards faculty mail during the summer (only).

Processes all outgoing metered business mail.

Processes all outgoing international business mail. Using a remailer, DHL Smart and Global Mail.

Works with departments and Printing Services to design mail pieces that meet postal guidelines.

Maintains Wellesley College mailing permits.

Departments using the Wellesley College mailing permits should notify Fran Adams of the estimated postage one week in advance of mailing (this will assure proper postage in our mailing account).

The mail piece should be checked by Mail Services/Printing Services to assure proper design and address placement.

If you are working with a mail house, please be sure to request a copy of the 3602 (mailing statement) be forwarded to Mail Services.

Please email Fran Adams with the budget number that should be billed and the planned mailing date. Please include the full FOAPAL and a contact name.

Additional Notes

When sending international mailings, please seal all envelopes and separate the international mail from the domestic mail. We appreciate your cooperation.

FedEx overnight charges for most departments are processed for payment by Mail Services. Please be sure to include your full budget number (FOAPAL) on the internal reference line of your outgoing air bills.

Important Information

INTERDEPARTMENTAL AND CAMPUS MAIL:  All interdepartmental mail should include a department name or student’s unit number. If departments or unit numbers are not included on your campus mail piece, it will be delayed until we can assign the correct department or unit number to the mail piece.

BUDGET SLIPS: Please include both department and names, written legibly. Also include the correct full 22 digit budget number (FOAPAL). Thank you for this consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mail Services with any questions about proper mailing techniques. We will do our best to answer your questions. Mail Services has established relationships with U.S. Postal staff members who directly work with us to assure we are using the best possible design techniques and mailing services.

We will also be happy to work with your department to discuss possible shipping services that will save additional postal budget dollars.