Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty and Staff

If your question is not addressed here, please contact Fran Adams (fadams@wellesley.edu, x3564 or x2289).

Where can I buy stamps for my department?

You can purchase stamps online at www.usps.com and charge them on your Pro-card. Stamps are also available in the Wang Campus Center at the retail window. Only cash is accepted at the Wang Campus Center.

Where can I buy stamps for personal use?

You can purchase stamps online at www.usps.com, at the Wellesley Hills or Wellesley Square Post Office, the retail window at the Wang Campus Center Mail Services office, or at some ATM machines.

Where do I mail department packages?

Department packages should have a meter mailed form attached and placed in campus mail.

Where can I mail personal packages?

There are two U.S. Post Offices in the town of Wellesley and Mail Boxes etc. located on Linden Street in Wellesley. Mail Boxes etc. provides USPS, UPS, FedEx and packaging supplies. Wellesley College Mail Services at the Wang Campus Center provides package services for items weighing up to ten pounds. Domestic items only.

Where can I purchase a money order?

Money orders can be purchased at the local U.S. Post Offices, some grocery stores and at local banks.

How do I mail overnight mail for my department?

The College has a corporate account with FedEx. You can get supplies and air bills by contacting Fran Adams at fadams@wellesley.edu.

How can I mail overnight items for myself?

There are several options available. There is a self-service FedEx box located on campus by the Founders parking lot. These boxes are equipped with supplies and blank air bills. You can pay by credit card. You can also go to a local post office and ship U.S.P.S. express.

How do I update my campus office location?

Faculty and staff can update their campus office location in Workday. Instructions are available at this link (scroll down to "Update Campus Office Location and Phone Number").