Charles Bu, nonlinear equations, differentials, Wellesley
(781) 283-3038
B.S., M.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong University; M.S., Michigan State University; Ph.D., University of Illinois

Charles Bu

Professor of Mathematics

Specialist in initial-boundary value problems for nonlinear partial differential equations.

Born and raised in China, Professor Bu experienced the Cultural Revolution as a teenager and was sent to a tire factory for manual labor for two years. In 1977 China reinstated a college entrance exam for the first time in a decade. About 5.7 million students took the exam and he was among 273,000 admitted. He came to America for graduate study in 1985, joined the Wellesley faculty in 1992, received tenure in 1998 and was promoted to full professor in 2005.  Professor Bu served as Chair of the Mathematics Department in 2005-09 and Chair of Wellesley's College Board of Admissions in 2012-13.  
Author of 33 research articles, Professor Bu is one of the leading experts in inhomogeneous boundary value problems for nonlinear Schroedinger and Ginzburg-Landau equations. These equations have significant applications in physics, biology and economics. Since 1992, he has worked with many Wellesley students and published several co-authored research articles with them.   All of Professor Bu's summer research students have continued on to graduate studies in mathematics and related fields after Wellesley.
A strong advocate for freedom and democracy, Professor Bu has written extensively and given many talks in China to promote American values, to further understanding between the American and Chinese people, and to strengthen Wellesley's historic ties to China.  He has been a board member of Bingxin (’26) Research Society since 2001 and became Vice President of the Society in 2006.  Professor Bu is committed to advancing the interests of Asian-Americans and has written for The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Herald and The Chronicle of Higher Education.