Major Requirements

Coursework Requirements

Students majoring in mathematics must complete MATH 115 and one of 116/120 (or the equivalent) and at least eight units of 200-level and 300-level courses. These eight units must include 205, 206, 302, 305, and two additional 300-level courses. (Thus a student who places out of 115/116 and starts in 205 requires only eight courses.) At most two of 206, 210 and 215 may be counted towards the major. These courses must be completed for the mathematics major:

  • Math 115: Calculus I and Math 116: Calculus II, or the equivalent
  • Math 205: Multivariable Calculus
  • Math 206: Linear Algebra
  • Math 302: Elements of Analysis I
  • Math 305: Abstract Algebra
  • At least two elective 300-level courses not counting any of 350, 360, 370.

The courses counting towards the major must come from MATH or from among the following STAT courses: STAT 218, STAT 220, STAT 221, STAT 260, STAT 318. A student may count Math 215/Phys 215 towards her mathematics major. However, she may count at most two of the courses 206, 210, and 215 toward the major. Credit for Math 216/Phys 216 satisfies the requirement that a math major take 205, but cannot be counted as one of the 200- or 300-level units required for the major.

Major Presentation Requirement

Majors are also required to present one classroom talk in either their junior or senior year. This requirement can be satisfied with a presentation in the student seminar, but it can also be fulfilled by giving a talk in one of the courses whose catalog description says "Majors can fulfill the major presentation requirement in this course." In addition, a limited number of students may be able to fulfill the presentation requirement in other courses, with permission of the instructor.