Student Research

Many of our students engage in research during their time at Wellesley.  They attend summer research programs or work with our own faculty in a multitude of settings.  Some of the summer research programs our students attended in recent years are

  • Willams SMALL Undergraduate Research program;
  • Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women;
  • Texas A&M Research Experience for Undergraduates;
  • Boise State Research Experience for Undergraduates;
  • Wake Forest/Davidson Research Experience in Number Theory;
  • Winthrop University Research Experience in biomathematics;
  • National Security Agency Summer Research Program;
  • UCLA Research in Industrial Projects for Students;
  • Carnegie Mellon Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology.

Our students have also done research with our own faculty on a variety of topics including

  • Quantum mechanics of nanocars;
  • Calculus of functors and combinatorial topology;
  • Properties of PSL2(Z);
  • Additive decompositions in ring theory;
  • Frobenius algebras and topological quantum field theories;
  • Classifications of definable subsets;
  • Partition problems;
  • Computability Theory;
  • Complexity of index sets of groups;
  • Khovanov homology;
  • Universal cycles for k-subsets of an n-set;
  • Enumerations of Cn* and Dn matrices;
  • q-binomial coefficients and Fleck's congruence;
  • Multilabel classification, its applications, and possible improvements.
  • Robust regression analysis