Here are some of the resources that students have at their disposal.  

The navigation panel on the left also lists more specific resources that students can take advantage of.

Department Office: The Mathematics Department Office is located in SCI 361. The extension is x3148. The office contains information about summer work and research opportunities, actuarial opportunities, and information about graduate studies.

Common room (SCI 362): The department common room is located in SCI 362. Whenever it is not being used for a department event, the common room is available to students for study or discussion. If you need to consult someone on a mathematical idea, the common room is one place to try. This room is also used in the evenings as the Math Help Room.

The Mathematics Computer Laboratory (SCI 257): Outfitted with Macintosh computers, the computer lab is open all day and evening most days, and the computers are available for students to use whenever the lab is not being used for a class. Each of the computers is equipped with Mathematica and Joy of Mathematica, as well as a variety of other software. Both Mathematica and Joy of Mathematica are also available at various sites around campus, including the Science Center Minifocus.

Science Library: The Science Library is a wonderful resource. Explore it for suggested alternative texts, for popular mathematics books, or biographies of famous mathematicians. Check out on their webpage of interesting mathematics sources.