The course catalog lists all courses offered in Medieval/Renaissance Studies with the ME/R prefix, regardless of semester.

The course catalog also lists courses for credit toward the Medieval/Renaissance Studies major, regardless of department. The courses listed below are those offered with the ME/R prefix this semester.

Current Courses in Medieval Renaissance Studies


Fall 2018 - 1 Credit Courses for the Medieval/Renaissance Studies Major

(courses that count for Med/Ren credit, but that are part of other departmental listings)

Course Name Course Title Credits Professor(s)
ARTH 224 Art, Patronage and Society 1 Jacqueline Musacchio
ENG 213.01 Chaucer 1 Cord Whitaker
ENG 316 Seminar: Public Writing on Poetry 1 Kathryn Lynch
FREN 210 Middle Ages Enlightenment 1 Hélène Bilis
HIST 213 Conquest and Crusade 1 Valerie Ramseyer
HIST 222 Barbarian Kingdoms 1 Valerie Ramseyer
HIST 352 Seminar: History of Mental Health 1 Simon Grote
MUS 200  Music History I: Musicke's Recreation - Studies in Renaissance Music with an emphasis on Performance 1

Claire Fontin/Laura Jeppesen

REL 226 The Virgin Mary 1 Sharon Elkins
SPAN 308 Masculinities in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature 1 Carlos Ramos