medieval artMajors in Medieval and Renaissance Studies who have demonstrated exceptional ability and an unusual degree of independence in their course work may be eligible to participate in the department's Honor Program. Honors candidates ordinarily enroll in ME/R 360 during the fall and ME/R 370 during the spring semester of the senior year and are expected to write a thesis based substantially on original research in primary sources. 

Students interested in the Honors Program are strongly encouraged to work with their faculty advisors to identify a research topic during the spring semester of the junior year and to begin their research during the following summer.

Each student will be expected to present her thesis proposal to the Medieval/Renaissance faculty in the first two weeks of the fall semester. Following this meeting a committee of three faculty members (including the advisor) will be established for the candidate. It will have at least one senior faculty member and representatives of at least two departments within the Medieval/Renaissance program.

Each student will be expected to complete one chapter of her thesis by the last day of classes in the fall semester. Copies will be distributed to the candidate's committee for evaluation. The approval of the committee is necessary to allow the candidate to proceed to enroll for ME/R 370.

Following enrollment in ME/R 370 the honors candidate will meet with her committee in February to discuss the submitted chapter and her plan of work. Honors candidates will be expected to complete a draft of the entire thesis no later than the last Friday before spring break. This will leave ample time for final revisions.

Final evaluation of the thesis will proceed according to college regulations.