Arabic Cluster

The Arabic Cluster offers Wellesley College students the opportunity to live together, communicate in Arabic, and participate in Arabic cultural activities.

Each year, Wellesley College hosts a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant from an Arabic-speaking country. The Fulbright FLTA lives with Wellesley College students in the Arabic Cluster and assists in arranging Arabic-related cultural events and programming.


All rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. It is not necessary to be fluent in Arabic, enrolled in Arabic classes at Wellesley, or majoring in Middle Eastern Studies to apply to live on the Arabic Cluster. It is expected that applicants will have a strong interest in speaking Arabic and/or learning about Arabic culture.


Students who accept the opportunity to live on the Arabic Cluster will draft and sign a pledge in September. The pledge, drawn up by mutual agreement among the residents of the Cluster, will establish where and during what hours Arabic alone will be spoken. If necessary, and if all residents on the Arabic Cluster agree, the pledge may be revised during the year.

In each semester, during the first week of classes, residents on the Arabic Cluster will meet to discuss activities for the semester. Students should allocate responsibility for the various tasks involved in organizing events. One individual should be responsible for communicating Cluster plans to the Program in Middle Eastern Studies. Students will arrange at least one social/cultural event in each semester. Students enrolled in Arabic classes should also be invited.


If you would like to live in the Arabic Cluster, please complete the application form in early March and email it to Robin Bowman (, Academic Administrator to Religion Department & Interdisciplinary Programs.

Students opting to live on the Arabic Cluster will not be part of the general housing lottery. A list of students who have committed themselves to the Arabic Cluster will be submitted to the Housing Office.