Director: Aadnani (Middle Eastern Studies)

Advisory Committee: Geller (Religion), Hajj (Political Science), Kapteijns (History), Marlow (Religion)

Lecturer: Zitnick (Middle Eastern Studies)

Middle Eastern Studies Program Faculty and Affiliated Faculty

Rachid Aadnani
Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies
Nadya S. Hajj
Associate Professor of Peace & Justice Studies
Lidwien Kapteijns
Elizabeth Kimball Kendall and Elisabeth Hodder Professor of History
Dan Zitnick
Lecturer in Arabic Language

Faculty Emeriti

  • Sophia Moses Robison Professor Emerita of Jewish Studies and History

    B.A., Skidmore College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University

    Director of Jewish Studies, research in Jewish and European history, founding member of Digital Heritage Mapping and Diarna project.

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