Director: Aadnani (Middle Eastern Studies)

Advisory Committee: Euben (Political Science), Geller (Religion), Hajj (Political Science) Kapteijns (History), Malino (History and Jewish Studies), Marlow (Religion)

Lecturer: Aadnani

Lecturer: Zitnick







  • Rachid Aadnani

    Rachid Aadnani

    Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies

    B.A., Universite Moulay Ismail (Morocco); M.A., Dartmouth College; Ph.D., Binghamton University

    Teacher of Arabic language and literature.


  • Roxanne Euben

    Roxanne Euben

    Ralph Emerson and Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of Political Science

    B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University

    Comparative political theorist, specializes in interactions between Islamic and Euro-American political thought.

    On leave 2016-17.


  • Barbara Geller

    Professor of Religion

    A.B., Princeton University; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University

    Interests include the Jewish and Christian communities of the Roman Empire, women in the Biblical world, and the history of Jerusalem.


  • Nadya Hajj

    Nadya S. Hajj

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

    B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., Ph.D., Emory University

    Research driven by this question: What are the origins of institutions among marginalized groups in anarchic systems? 




  • Lidwien Kapteijns

    Elizabeth Kimball Kendall and Elisabeth Hodder Professor of History

    B.A., Universiteit van Amsterdam; M.A., University of London; Doctoraal, Ph.D., Universiteit van Amsterdam

    African historian focusing on Somalia and Sudan with a long-term research and teaching focus on Islamic and Middle Eastern history; translator of historical and popular culture texts in Arabic and Somali. 


  • Frances Malino

    Sophia Moses Robison Professor of Jewish Studies and History

    B.A., Skidmore College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University

    Director of Jewish Studies, research in Jewish and European history, founding member of Digital Heritage Mapping and Diarna project.


  • Louise Marlow

    Professor of Religion

    B.A., Cambridge University; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University

    Program Director for Middle Eastern Studies.


  • Daniel Zitnick

    Dan Zitnick

    Lecturer in Arabic Language

    B.A., M.A., University of Michigan

    Teacher of Arabic language; aligns Arabic teaching pedagogy with current research in second language acquisition.