History of Mayling Soong Foundation

The Mayling Soong Foundation

The idea of the Mayling Soong Foundation developed from discussion begun [many years ago] for an appropriate way in which to mark the 25th anniversary of Madame Chiang’s graduation from Wellesley.

At Commencement, President McAfee announced the establishment of the Foundation ‘to interpret China and the other nations of the East to American college students.’ At that time the sum of $20,000 had been contributed to the Foundation. Because of the present world crisis there will be no general solicitation of funds; however, it is believed that over a period of years many friends of China will wish to share in forging this ‘link in China-American friendship.’

The immediate aim of the Foundation is to strengthen the work offered by the College in the art, geography, history, philosophy and religion of the East, and to provide for occasional special lectures and exhibits. The Foundation will be inaugurated in October, 1942 on the Wellesley campus with a series of lectures to be given by Dr. Hu Shih, Dr. Owen Lattimore, Lin Yutang and others. Proceeding slowly, the Foundation should eventually include in its scope the exchange of scholars between East and West and other activities still scarcely dreamed of.