Recommend Music 102H

All students placed in 102H who wish to take individual lessons must normally take this course.

Students taking non-credit lessons (99) will normally take Music 102H for the entire year, but may move up to Music 111 in the spring if they so choose.

Students taking lessons for credit (198, 199) must move from Music 102H up to Music 111 in the spring.

Recommend Music 111

Students taking lessons for credit (198,199) must take this course in either the fall or the spring semester. If such a student plans either to major or minor in music, it would be best to take 111 in the fall in order to gain admission to Music 122 in the spring.

Students taking non-credit lessons (99) do not need to take this or any other music course, but are advised to enroll in Music 111 if they hope either to move up to 198 or 199 or to take other music courses in the future.

Exempted Music 111

Students taking lessons for credit (198, 199) may choose either this or a different course (such as Music 220, 235, 276 and/or 287) as their academic co-requisite for their lessons. Since 122 is a pre-requisite for many other music courses, however, we usually advise students to take 122 as their co-requisite in their first year.

Students interested in pursuing a study of jazz are encouraged to enroll in Music 220 (jazz theory) or Music 209 (jazz history).

Exempted Music 122

Students planning to major in music should definitely take this course in the spring of their first year. It would also be advantageous to take an additional music course in the fall.