Our performing music ensembles are vital extensions of the Wellesley Music Department's academic program.

Most hold auditions during Orientation Week and/or the first week of classes. Sign up sheets will be posted in the Music Department at the beginning of Orientation Week. Students should make a point to sign up at that time.

Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra

Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra The Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra, Neal Hampton, Director, comprises students, faculty, staff, and associates of Wellesley College and Brandeis University. By sharing talents and resources, the orchestra provides unique creative opportunities for the communities at both institutions and specifically for students within the context of a liberal arts education.





Chamber Music Society

Violinist in the Chamber Music Society Founded in 1958, The Chamber Music Society of Wellesley College provides an opportunity for interested instrumentalists and vocalists to prepare and perform works for small ensembles. Each chamber group receives weekly coachings from a member of the Wellesley College Music Department, and performs on one of several concerts held at the ends of each semester.





Wellesley College Choir

Wellesley College ChoirThe College Choir, conducted by Lisa Graham, is devoted to the performance of choral music from the Renaissance through the present day. Consisting of around 50 singers, the Wellesley College Choir has a hundred-year history of dedication to the performance of great choral literature.






Chamber Singers

Chamber Singer singingChamber Singers is an auditioned ensemble of approximately twelve to sixteen women. They actively perform on campus and also appear by invitation on Boston-area concert series and festivals. In 2008, they performed at the National Collegiate Choral Organization conference in Cincinnati as part of a lecture recital. They are also featured in the 2003 motion picture, Mona Lisa Smile .





Collegium Musicum

Faculty performing in the Collegium Musicum The Collegium Musicum is an ensemble of singers and instrumentalists open to Wellesley College students, faculty, staff, and the local community. The Collegium specializes in the performance of Western music from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century. The Collegium is often joined by faculty and outside guest artists who enrich the ensemble for special projects.





Wellesley BlueJazz

Saxophonists of the Wellesley BlueJazz Ensemble The Wellesley BlueJazz Ensemble Program includes Wellesley BlueJazz Big Band and BlueJazz Combos. Students are immersed in a rich jazz repertoire, from classic to contemporary. Faculty-directed rehearsals encourage the development of fluency in jazz improvisation. The ensembles perform throughout the year on campus and with other colleges in the Boston area.






Yanvalou Drummers Yanvalou Drum & Dance Ensemble is a faculty-directed ensemble that performs the folkloric music and dance of Africa as it exists today throughout the African Diaspora, particularly in Haiti. Students perform on authentic instruments, experience a variety of cultures through their music, and present several concerts during the academic year.






Guild of Carillonneurs

Members of the Guild of CarillonneursMembers of the Guild of Carillonneurs are selected through an application process, and they receive weekly lessons, participate in open towers and masterclasses, and travel to other carillons for wider performance opportunities. On campus, the members of the Guild perform solo concerts on the college carillon between classes and for special events in the college community. Applications for membership in the Guild are available the first week of classes through the Guild. Contact Margaret Angelini at phrygian@aol.com or visit our facebook page for more information.