Sound Lab

The Sound Lab provides state-of-the-art workstations for computer music composition, keyboard harmony, and theory instruction.

The Jewett Arts Center Sound Lab, housed on the first floor of the Music Library, serves as both classroom and computer lab. It provides 12 state-of-the-art workstations and one instructor station, each with digital audio capability for computer music composition, keyboard harmony, and theory instruction.

Each student workstation and the instructor's station is equipped with a 27" iMac computer and a wide range of audio software, including Logic; Sibelius; Ableton Live; Max; and Band In a Box; FinalCut Pro video editing software; a 61-key MIDI electronic keyboard; and MOTU audio interface which allows students to connect an instrument or microphone at each desk for sound capturing on the iMac.

The instructor has the ability to selectively listen to students' work through headphones, or enable the class to hear selective students' work over the room's speakers. The Crestron touch panel on the instructor's desk also allows the instructor to control the lab's media equipment.

In addition, the Sound Lab is equipped with an iPod docking station; a CD player; a region-free Blu-ray DVD player; and auxiliary input plates to accommodate a variety of audio and video sources that have balanced and unbalanced audio connections, as well as connections for an iPad, VGA, DVI and component video sources. The new Sound Lab is also equipped with a video projection system that displays 16:10 aspect ratio images in full high-definition resolution.